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digital undervisning

Digital undervisning


In a world that changes at an unprecedented pace, it is crucial that young people, even in Secondary schools, learn to be an active part of the process. This add-on to already existing tasks is not about predicting a future..Continue


Living Learning System

The ten pillars of the Living Learning System (LLS) developed by Woodgate (2018, p. 7) provide a basis for didactic thinking. The LLS builds on ten underlying learner platforms, namely, each student learns to his/her strategy – personal relevance alternative..Continue

Digital undervisning

Future devices and framework

Both technological development and device innovation are happening at an unbelievable pace. I believe that this eventually will lead to the world outside and inside the classroom being brought together. Multimedia brought the world into the classroom… Smart technologies will..Continue

Digital undervisning

Digital pedagogikk

Tradisjonell pedagogikk Det viktigste i den behavioristiske tenkemåten er operant betinget læring gjennom belønning og fravær av belønning. Skinner viste at man kan regulere adferd med bruk av belønningssystemer (McLeod, 2015). Kognitivisme baserer seg blant annet på Jean Piagets kognitive..Continue