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21st century skills

Digital undervisning


In a world that changes at an unprecedented pace, it is crucial that young people, even in Secondary schools, learn to be an active part of the process. This add-on to already existing tasks is not about predicting a future..Continue


Living Learning System

The ten pillars of the Living Learning System (LLS) developed by Woodgate (2018, p. 7) provide a basis for didactic thinking. The LLS builds on ten underlying learner platforms, namely, each student learns to his/her strategy – personal relevance alternative..Continue

Digital undervisning

21st century skills

There are many ways to categorise 21st-century skills. The cards below list some of the skills necessary: Learning skills CreativityInnovationCommunicationCollaboration Info skills Information LiteracyMedia LiteracyInformationLiteracy Life skills FlexibilityAdaptabilityInitiativeSelf-DirectionCross-Cultural The 4 C’s of 21st Century Skills are: Critical thinking: Finding solutions to..Continue


Modern assessment

There are many ways to assess learning. The assessment must happen timely, if not instantly. Reducing the time gap between the task and the evaluation is essential regarding motivation and education. AI and ML can help us achieve this in..Continue